Sices_logo-RSince 1977, SICES Srl designs and manufactures electrical panels of control and power and Electronic Devices for the management of Generator Groups of any manufacturer.

From design to construction and finally to putting into service of products, all SICES processes are performed by a highly qualified staff in terms of technique and experience. With pioneering technology, the SICES began development of the first devices to control micro-processor on the market since the early 80s to become a company of reference for the high standard of quality, reliability and innovation in the control and generating set management operating with different logic and application standards.

SICES looks like partner of several first-tier companies, accompanying the customer from design to commissioning the system. The company also offers a service of electrical plants for civil / industrial distribution.

Moreover SICES is engaged in various projects to promote energy efficiency through the use of renewable sources as necessary foundations for a sustainable development process. It is therefore active for years in the photovoltaic industry, both domestic and industrial, offering the best products in terms of yield and quality on the market.


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