Vacuum Contactor


Product Description


BCH Vacuum contactors are ideal for tough application. The compact design provides high flexibility to customers with reduced maintenance cost and zero down time.

Specification and Features

  • Rating :225A to 600A
  • Poles: 3P upto 1.5KV
  • Long electrical & mechanical life
  • High switching frequency
  • Impervious to environment
  • Mounts in any place
  • Low maintenance & down time
  • Visual wear indicator

Most of the demanding applications in industries, needs reliable power switching and motor starting solutions to ensure productivity in tough environments. BCH range of vacuum contactors meets all requirements of such industries. The compactness, rugged construction, long electrical and mechanical life of these contactors gives unmatched results and durability, eliminating the down time & maintenance cost. BCH vacuum contactors are ideal for tough

flexibility equivalent to the existing range of air break contactors by BCH.

 Benefits of Vacuum Interrupter

  • Transient voltage generation control
  • Impervious to harsh environments
  • High cyclic duty
  • Self-Adjusting
  • Maintenance free
  • Enclosed arc
  • Ensures high quality & reliability



Features  :             

  • Vacuum Interrupter
  • Suitable for worldwide applications and for use with all types of motors including high efficiency IEC motors & NEMA design E Motors  
  •  Front Accessible 
  •  Compact & Rugged Design 
  •  Light weight 
  •  Fully Phase Insulated 
  •  Long Electrical & Mechanical Life 
  •  Mounts in any plane 
  • Quiet in operation