Pusher Centrifuges provide the features for cost effective, high output and minimum maintenance for your solid/liquid separation need. Our GERMAN design assures a sturdy horizontal Centrifuge machine with efficient operation. Effective dewatering with high filtration rates and option to automize the process, makes Oriental bottom discharge centrifuges the first choice for the industry. The effective washing arrangement increases the quality of finished product. Oriental Horizontal Bottom Discharge Pusher Centrifuges can be used in wide spectrum of application, ranging from bulk chemicals, agricultural and petro chemical industries. Our continuous pushers can give constant outputs for months together without any hiccups.

  • Average particle size that can be processed in a efficient way: 80-2,000 (micron)
  • Solid Content should be greater that 20%
  • 30-75% for crystalline particles
  • 2-12% for fibrous products
  • 5-25% for plastics
  • Solids throughput can be upto 30 MT@hour
  • Solid Recovery up to 98%