Since 1973 Larson Electronics has manufactured industrial lighting and power distribution products. Larson Electronics offer a wide range of products including explosion proof lighting, portable hazardous location lighting, high powered LED lights, hand held 12/24 Volt lighting, light towers and portable power distribution panels with large KVA transformers. Our products are used by manufacturing facilities, refineries, military bases, paint spray booths, oilfield operations, shipyards and food processing plants around the world. Larson Electronics continues to develop custom solutions like Explosion Proof lights, also known as Hazard Location Lighting and Intrinsically Safe Lights that are UL certified and compliant with OSHA Safety Standards for use in areas where flammable petrochemical vapors and/or pulverized dust exist or have the potential to exist. Explosion Proof Lights are Class 1, Division 1 and 2 or Class 2, Division 1 and 2 rated by UL for the use in hazardous areas. Suggested applications include, offshore lights, rig lights and paint spray booth lights. Class 1 lights are UL rated for confined spaces and are typically used for cleaning vessels or fuel cells, plant turn-around, marine work areas, paint booths, etc. Class 2 rated lights are typically used in areas that have grain, sugar or munitions.



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