Air receiver tanks are used for storage and distribution of compressed air from either a compressor or other gas plant. Its generally recommended to have Air Receiver Tank in all compressed air systems.The Air Receiver Tank works at high pressure hence its usual practice to follow Engineering Codes while manufacturing of the Air Receiver Tanks. Air Receiver Tanks manufactured with out falling prevailing standards can be very dangerous. The Standard that are currently followed is, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) which covers a code regarding the construction of unfired pressure vessels, which has been incorporated into many companies, states, as in the form of local laws. This particular code is ASME Code Section VIII Division1. Air receivers should always meet or exceed this code in addition to the codes and standards applicable locally.

We are the trusted supplier of Air Receiver Tanks to world renowned Gases Technology Companies. This becomes an integral part of Gases Manufacturing Plants. The bond with these companies has been built based of the commitment, seamless services and high quality standards

TANK SIZE: 100 Lt / 200 Lt / 500 Lt / 1000 Lt / 2000 Lt / 3000 Lt / 5000 Lt / 10000 Lt

TANK CERTIFICATION:  We Offer Following Certifications on request. 

1.  ASME U Stamp 

2. B.V. Approved  

3. C.E. Approved. 

Vertical Air Recceiver Tank Pic 3   Vertical Air Recceiver Tank Pic 2Vertical Air Recceiver Tank Pic 1


Air Receiver Manifold 1


  • Designed to remove compressed air contaminants such as water, compressor oil, dirt, pipe scale and water particles from the air supply at the point of entry into the ASME air receiver manifold.


  • Built to Standard Engineering Code, Optional Built to ASME Code also available.


  • 7 gallon capacity provides air reserve needed for operation of tools
  • 200 PSI maximum working pressure for tank (Working pressure of the system is limited to maximum working pressure of the components)


  • All tank outlets have female NPT threads
  • Portable – easy carry handles standard
  • Solid base with mounting holes standard
  • Approximate tank dimensions are 12″ x 17″; 40″ x 24″ with frame
  • Painted safety orange


  • Spring-loaded safety shut-off valves (Cut-off Flow






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