Mini Refinery Design, Supply and Installation Services: 

Rams International FZE, with help of Principal companies from India and USA, provides turnkey solution for Design, Supply, Procurement & Installation of Relocatable Mini Refinery. These Modular Mini Refinery comprising of Crude Topping Units, Strippers & Stabilizers can be installed either at well head locations of residual oil wells or at a strategic Group Gathering Stations.


Mini Refining : Essential Elements

The new refining opportunity in developing world is a great initiative. Its impacts transcend economic gains for investors and entrepreneurs with respect to its potential contributions to national development. The most interesting element of mini refining is the relative low setup cost, when compared with full conversion refineries (with capacities of 200,000 bpd) whose cost will be between $2 – 9 billion, where as Mini-refineries can be established with about $100-$250 million. Depending on the configuration, the cost can be lowered or higher. In addition, it offers the possibility of phased construction and the flexibility of quick and easy upgrade to reflect changes in product demand. An initial 2,000 bpd capacity refinery can be upgraded to double or triple the capacity with ease and speed.


Major Categories of Mini-Refinery and Configuration:

Mobile Field Diesel Production Unit: This  unit produces only one type of product, namely diesel. This diesel can be used for running generators and for running rigs. Essentially it is a tool which goes to the oil and gas drillers and operators.

  1. Topping Plant; it consists of only a crude distillation unit and (usually) a catalytic reformer to provide gasoline. It typically permits only condensates and light sweet crude.
  2. Cracking Refinery; this type takes the gasoil component from the crude distillation unit and breaks it further into gasoline & distillate components. It utilizes catalyst, high temperature and pressure. (more sophisticated than a topping plant)
  3. Coking Refinery; this type of refinery utilizes residual fuel (the heaviest material from the crude unit. The addition of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) significantly increases the yield of higher valued products like crude gasoline and diesel oil from a barrel of crude. Cooking refineries allows a refinery to process cheaper, heavier crude while producing an equivalent or greater volume of high valued products (Cenam Energy Partners). Due to cost considerations it’s possible to procure and re-attach a used hydrocracker as an add-on to a modular mini-refinery to obtain a full conversion refinery. The FCCU makes very significant contribution to a refinery’s profitability.

Products available from Mini Refinery

  • The mobile field diesel production unit they produce grades of diesel that are suitable for non-automotive uses
  • The topping units produce the diesel grades which can be put into any car
  • The gasoline units also produce petrol to very high standards, right the way up to Euro 4 or Euro 5 grade
  • The mobile units are simple and can only produce diesel of few grades. However mini refineries can produce Gasoline, Naphtha, Kerosene, Mineral Turpentine Oil, Marine Gas Oil and Fuel Oil


We now offer Trailer Mounted Modular Refinery for the customer with special requirements.  This is a truly Modular, Relocatable, Mobile unit. The Power Generator can be mounted on separate trailer.  The Modular Refinery can be shifted from one site to other with help of prime mover and can be set up at new place. The production can be started with in a few hours.