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We are distributors of SK Perfect Formulations LLC, a Ras Al Khaimah (UAE)  based company which manufacturers Advanced Technology based coating products.  Co-polymer Grafting Technology is highly advanced Technology and SK Formulations Ltd has patent rights for this over 138 countries.

It may seem hard to believe that a simple nondescript company tucked away in a far-flung suburb in central Mumbai can conduct such breakthrough polymer research and develop technology for protective coatings so highly advanced that even huge multinational companies are left gasping in wonder.

Unreal as it may seem, it is true. This is the story of SK Formulations India Pvt. Ltd a company that’s hardly been in business for about a decade but already holds several product and technology patents for high performance coatings in over 132 countries.

What started out as a hobby with household experiments by technocrat couple, Mr. Sachin and Dr Kusum Joshi, evolved into a robust research driven company with a mission to consistently innovate and develop new technologies in the field of polymer science that no one has ever imagined before, with applications across industry sectors.

SK Formulations India Pvt. Ltd today is an ISO 9001-2008 company specializing in the development of high performance coatings for industrial as well as domestic use. The company offers diverse solutions for industrial and domestic coatings which are categorized as 1) Anticorrosion coatings 2) Electric insulation coatings and 3) Water proofing systems for exterior walls, terrace & slabs, expansion joints.

SK Formulations India Pvt. Ltd is the only one of two companies globally to offer an unique electric insulation coating solution that withstands very high voltage, the other company being based in the USA.

All the products while being environmentally safe, non-toxic and ROHS (Resistance of Hazardous Substances) compliance also provide customers with a huge long term cost advantage by saving on electrical, energy and maintenance expenditures. The entire product range offers three key benefits namely a 1) convenience of a single pack 2) no primer application needed and 3) Only 15 minutes drying time. There is no other brand or product which combines all three of these benefits other than SK Formulations.

SK Formulations India Pvt. Ltd has carved a niche for itself among the industry players by offering a total solution package which includes developing the process with the customer, training customers to apply the product and then supplying the product only when the customer is completely assured and satisfied with the results.

The company has received several accolades for innovation. Some of them include:
The prestigious ‘Rattan Jyoti Gold Award ‘& Certificate of Excellence (IIEEC, Delhi).
Certificate of Appreciation received in Elecrama-2006 exhibition.
Certificate of Quality System Assessment from AQA International LLC.

SK Formulations India Pvt. Ltd has built a portfolio of clients ranging from the Indian Navy to some of India’s largest Infrastructure companies. They include L&T Ltd, Johnson & Johnson Ltd, ACC Ltd, Cadbury India, Bombay Hospital, GTL Ltd, and Tractor Engineering Ltd.

The company’s future plans are to invest in research as well as marketing to expand its customer base initially focusing on Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka and then expanding to other parts of the country.


  • Anti-corrosion Coatings
  • Heat Insulation Coating
  • Cold Galvanizing Coating
  • Anti-static Floor Coating
  • Electric Insulation Coating
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Protective Coatings For HVAC Coils